Management of Hotel Accomodation

CRM is a business approach which can support the sales, marketing, and service processes within an industry and maximize its profit margins. It functions by associating with selected customers and providing them with an unparalleled experience both in terms of the quality as well as the manner in which their needs are addressed. This customer-centric approach is of pioneer importance in the hotel industry as it attempts to retain customers and build a long partnership with them.

In the hotel industry, it is not just the core customer services likes pricing, quality and delivery that matter; it is also the friendly approach, the prompt problem-solving, and the flexibitlity in options that make a big difference. Is this extended customer service that gives a company and edge over others as it increases the customer's perceived value toward its services.

CRM is essential in the hotel industry as it helps a company exceed its customer's expectations by enhancing the aesthetic value of its services and provifing the opportunity to build effective interpersonal relations.

Our Offer dedicated to Hotels

Get 360 degrees view of  the bookings and of your customers and accounts, email and phone log conversations, deals, special offers. You can build your database from scratch for ultimate customizability and control.

  • Automate: save precious time by automating guest communication and coordinations
  • Upsell: generate more revnue from every guest by offering additional services, effirtlessly
  • Collect: arrival info, passport and CC scans, E-signatures, authority form before arrival
  • Engage: enhance guest experience and increase brand awareness with smart and targeted communication.

You can easily communicate with your guests from the moment the booking is processed, thanks to a quick integration. Contact us now, and our expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Custom OTT Solution Development Expertise

Engage with your guests from the moment the booking is confirmed, offering them access to information and recommendations. Marketbox builds an effective customer support system that is fast and provides assistance to clients through phone, chat, e-mail and even in person.

Our CRM employs strategies like cross-selling that involves offering customers services that augment their original purchase and develop their interest in other products of the company. Offering upgrades or extra services, for example, sightseeing packages come under the category of up selling. CRM strategies also include benefits like a two-day all-inclusive package at a discounted rate for its loyal customers. All these schemes increase the company’s sales while making the customers’ purchase experience more meaningful.

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MAM orchestration

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