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Innovative telemedicine solutions to deliver the right care, at the right time

Ready access to healthcare services is an important aspect of a person’s well-being. However, all too often long distances, time constraints, disabilities, lack of available specialists, and other factors make traditional face-to-face appointments impractical and costly.

We enable healthcare providers to increase outreach and improve care via streamlined communication, efficient allocation of clinical resources, and better patient engagement.

Healthcare Software

Our Telehealth Competencies

Bringing Care Right Where Your Patients Are

When doctors are empowered to deliver personalized care beyond the hospital ward, everybody wins. Contact our tech experts to explore the opportunities of telemedicine for your practice.

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Why Market Box

RTC Domain Excellence

Feature-rich, scalable videoconferencing solutions are at the core of Market Box’s offering. Look no further if you want to make telehealth visits a smooth, low-latency experience for everyone involved, regardless of the device.

Data Security and Privacy

Our data security experts help you ensure full compliance with the required industry standards, including HIPAA. We also develop permission systems so you can give users selective access to health and scheduling information.

Powerful Data Analytics

Using our data analytics expertise, we transform data from various telehealth solutions into visualized, structured insights to serve decision-making — from the doctor’s office to the boardroom.


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