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Looking for the right frontend development services company to help boost your brand through an excellent user experience? Market Box’s frontend developers have the skills to create highly interactive, responsive websites and web applications that look great on any device.

Our engineers also build HTML5 apps that work seamlessly across all major mobile platforms while providing a native look and feel. By opting to develop a cross-platform mobile application, you can cut development costs and reach users wherever they are — be it Android, iOS, or smart TVs.

Getting the Job Done with Angular and React

Our frontend developers live and breathe modern JavaScript frameworks. We apply Angular and React to take on complex business challenges and design fantastic experiences for users everywhere — from consumer-facing apps to enterprise-grade platforms.

Angular Developers

Market Box’s Angular developers can help you craft dynamic SPAs and hybrid mobile apps with all the benefits this frontend framework has to offer:

  • Rich functionality for the most complex workflows
  • Optimized for lightning-fast performance
  • Clean, uncluttered UI with support for Material Design
  • Progressive web applications for a great experience on web and mobile

React Developers

Backed by industry leaders and a vigorous community, React is here to stay. Our React developers use it to create apps that will wow your users:

  • Beautiful UIs with interactive animations
  • Supreme system performance and speed
  • Efficient development that translates into faster time to market
  • Easier testing and debugging for superior product quality

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Key Industries


Data Discovery, Warehousing and ETL

Mapping out and integrating data sources that are most appropriate for your BI objectives. Building up a warehouse and getting your data ready for analysis — all clean, consistent and digestible.

OLAP and Data Visualization

Translating all the behind-the-scenes analy­tical work into neatly organized, precise information that can be easily sorted by the required criteria. Our dashboards are supported with scalable back-ends that are able to withstand high load at all times.

Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

Delivering customizable, interactive reporting dashboards that will serve as convenient go-to tools with minimum adoption barriers even for non-tech users.
Mobile BI

Mobile Business Intelligence

Bringing the power of business intelligence to mobile platforms of your choice wherever and whenever you need it.

Key Technology Competence


JavaScript • TypeScript • HTML5 • CSS3


Bootstrap • jQuery UI • Kendo UI


React • Angular • Vue.js


Redux • MobX • NGRX


React Native • Ionic • PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)


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